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Friday 18th February 2022

Here is the work for the day:


As there is a storm outside, please create a piece of artwork that shows what you can see out of one of your windows. This could be a collage, drawing, painting, anything that you like. It would be lovely to see some of this work so please email pictures of the finished pieces of work.


If you are feeling poetic rather than artistic, write a poem about the storm. This could be a rhyming poem or an acrostic - the choice is yours.


I know that lots of children have not finished their story of Boudicca on Google Classroom, so please finish these off today. I appreciate that you do not have a story board to remind you of the story, so I will upload this to google classroom. I would love to see some of the features that we have been using in school in these:

  • adjectives
  • expanded noun phrases
  • similes
  • conjunctions


Please use TTrockstars, read your books and practise the spellings that are on the website. 


Take care, stay safe and have a lovely half term.


Any questions, please email me!