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Friday 16th July

Good Morning Reception 

Welcome to Friday.

Session 1 today Have a try at the Maths task today. See what Miss Cooper has to say today.

Designing Mazes - Looks like fun!

Have a look at the Percy the Park Keeper story - They all get lost in the maze. 

The Secret Path – Nick Butterworth

Episode  to watch-

Story book reading


Zoom Session 10.10am - we will look at another new sound in phonics this morning.

o_e phone home

o-e is a set 3 sound, we have previously come across a set of 2 letters that make the same sound but have a different set of letter. 

ow - blow the snow / o_e - phone home. 

These sounds are tricky - it is all about learning them and spotting them in books and signs.  Gaining confidence to write the correct one in words. 

The activities below will help with this. 

In our session today we will go through the sound and some activities connected to it.

Here is a YouTube link that will help with building your confidence with this sound. 

Break time - have a brain break and get yourself ready for our next zoom session. 

Zoom Session

PSED: Changes

Today we are going to look at how we react when there are sudden changes! 

How do we cope and what can we do to turn a negative into a positive.

I have a PowerPoint to go through with the children with a scenario. 

Task - from our session today and thinking about our 2 friends.  Can you make one puppet or 2 puppets showing a happy and sad emotion?  You could make 1 puppet with a face on either side. Or 2 different puppets — one happy and one sad.  I have added some pictures at the end of the PowerPoint to give you some ideas. 

Once you have made your puppet can you tell your grown up a short story about something that happened that made your puppet happy and then something happened that was unexpected, and they became sad. But .... you then managed to have a 'good' idea and the sad thoughts very quickly turned happy again!

I hope you have a lovely making afternoon. 

Don't forget to do some reading.

Have a wonderful weekend and well done for your great learning today.

See you on Monday

Mrs H x