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Day 1 Week Beginning 18th January

Good Morning Reception 

Welcome to Monday 18th January

Welcome to today's learning

Have a go at your Physical Activity for today.

Daily activity – make sure you are active every day. If you would like to try a Yoga session Cosmic kids is great – I have put a link for one of them below – but there is a whole collection. 

CBeebies also offer daily sessions

http://BBC iPlayer - Andys Wild Workouts - Series 1: 1. Under the Sea

BBC iPlayer - Bitesize: 5-7 Year Olds - Week 10: 5. Sports Day

BBC iPlayer - At Home with Mr Tumble   -    A superhero Yoga

Handwriting - Physical development

This is a web address to a link that we use in school.  The children are all at very different stages in their handwriting, letter formation and pencil grip.  This site takes you through the stages. Last term we looked at the straight lines. We are now on curves. It shows you a little clip first and then you get a chance to have a go.  If you could start each day with a little bit of handwriting – it will help with letter formation.

We are also going to work through a letter a day. Use your white board.

http://Pre-handwriting pattern animations and worksheets (

Tunnels  - pre handwriting patterns.

We are also going to go through the alphabet – to master a letter a day. Today’s letter is…

Monday-  ffff


Communication and Language –

Listening and Attention

Today's Zoom Session 

Today we are going to start our week with our story of the week – Supertato. By Sue Hendra her is a youtube link to listen to the story at home – I will read the story to the children in session 1 today  - to start off our week.

Can you retell an event from the story – Recording task – to draw and picture  and write a sentence about something you can remember from the story.

Maths - Alive in 5

Shape space and measures.

Today we are exploring heavier and lighter – I will go through the slides on the screen with the children and share some more ideas about heavier and lighter.  If you have a balance scale at home, brilliant! But you could make a balance scale from a clothes hanger, 2 pots/ plastic cups and some string.  If you hang the hanger on a line / clothes airier or another area where it can hang freely it make a good balance scales.  I have used 2 disposable cups and some string for my containers.  The size of the container obviously determines how big the items are that I am going to measure.

The main focus is the language – heavier / lighter / lighter than / heavier than

Here are the resources from White Rose for you.




Session 4 - Phonics

Today in Phonics we look at our next sound from set 2.

Oo – (short sound ) – look at a book

This is today’s sound have a go at the resource sheet from Read Write Inc. 

Can you say the sound?

Can you practise writing the letters?

Can you read the sound when it is in other words?

Can you make some flash cards from the words on the sheet – play a game with them – turn them over / read them / if you get them right you get to keep them – if you don’t they go to your opponent.

Can you add the ‘ay, ee, igh and oo, ow, oo, oo words from yesterday to make the game more of a challenge?

Can you make a book with all of the oo words in today?


PSED - Personal Social and Emotional

Going For Goals:

Thinking about the goals that you set last week – I hope you all had a go at trying to achieve them? This week I would like you to think about three different goals – one that you could achieve in the short term, one you achieve in the week and then one you could achieve in the long term – (over the next few months) You could ask all of your family about what they would like to achieve – create a family poster – keep checking in if they are achieved or partially achieved.

You could make badges / certificates for everyone if they are doing well.

I have added some PDF’s as ideas - I am sure you will definitely be able to come up with some better designs yourselves!