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Communication Language and Literacy

Finding out about the traditions of Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year is a traditional holiday that's very important in China. Traditionally, Chinese New Year would begin on the last day of the month in the Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year’s Eve, and would end on the fifteenth day of the first month - the Lantern Festival

This makes it the longest festival in the Chinese calendar. The date changes from year to year because it follows an ancient farmer calendar, which is based on phases of the moon. 

Chinese New Year 2022, the Year of the Tiger, will be celebrated on 1st February 2022. The Tiger is considered to be brave, cruel and forceful. It is the symbol of power in Chinese culture.

Alternative names also include the Lunar New Year, as the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, and the Spring Festival, which is the literal translation of the modern Chinese name.

In class we will be looking at the story that determines the order of the animals connected to the years.

If your child was born in 2016 they are the year of the Monkey.

If they are born in 2017 they are the year of the rooster. 

I have added resources to go with this wonderful week below. 

Have fun!

Mrs H x