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Class Reader: High-Rise Mystery

This half term we are reading High-Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson

High-Rise Mystery The High-rise Mysteries : 1 A High-Rise Mystery: Sharna Jackson: Books

Here we are going to keep track of our book this half term, as it can be tricky to keep track of the characters and events in the book. 






George Shah:



Chapter 1 - Hugo is found dead. Nik and Norva are introduced as detectives in the Tri. 
Chapter 2 - Flashback to the beginning of art club, Hugo is late, and he hates being late. Nik and Norva begin to worry. 
Chapter 3 -  George Shah arrives, and explains that at the Tri-Angels meeting on the Friday, Hugo didn't look very well and something had happened between Hugo and Nik and Norva's dad Pap. 
Chapter 4 - 
Chapter 5 -