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Autumn term 1 - It is me 1 2 3

Welcome to the Autumn term.

We have got some wonderful things planned for our first half-term at school.

In our first term we would like to find out as much about the children as possible - Who is in the family, where they live. What we do with our families - traditions, celebrations and routines. 

Favourite - food, toys, places

It is 'All about them!'

Below is a planning grid for you to see an overview of the term. 

This term we will be using stories, poems and pictures to inspire our learning.

Stories are a vital resource to support children in their listening and communication skills.  - Stories enable them to retell the story, talk about their likes and dislikes and then use it in their role play. 

Focus Stories

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - exploring life at home, setting rules and how we should make the right choice. 

The Three Little Pigs - to explore materials, team work and counting.

Where's my Teddy - exploring feeling, big and small

Oliver's Vegetables - to explore food and tastes.

Tatty Boggle - exploring harvest and growth. 

Religious Education

Our topic is Creation 

We will be looking at the creation story - learning the days of the week 

Recalling the order that God made the world in.

Know that God made us - we are all unique.

I know I belong to my family.

I know I do things with my family that may be different to others.

I know that when you belong to the church family you have a special ceremony called a Baptism.