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We aim for 96% attendance for every child at St Peter's.

Young people who attend at least 96% of school will almost certainly get the best grades they can, leading to better prospects for the future.  Pupils will also get into a habit of attending school which will help them in the future.  We want to work together to support families and children to attend school as much as possible.

We understand that there are a range of reasons why your child might be off school.  We want to support as many well children being in school as much as possible to support both their learning, wellbeing and sense of belonging.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding attendance, please review our Attendance Policy and/or flier below or contact the school office. 

The below document, from the Department for Education, entitled "Working Together to Improve School Attendance" outlines all governmental advice around school attendance.

All requests for absences in term time should be submitted, on the Request for Removal for Learning form below, to the school office.  The school will only be able to authorise absences in term time in exceptional circumstances as defined by the guidance.

Fixed Penalty Notices

With the introduction of the new National Framework for Penalty Notices, the following changes will come into force for Penalty Notice Fines issued after 19th August 2024. 

Penalty Notice Fines will be considered when there has been 10 sessions of unauthorised absence in a 10 week period.  This period can straddle school holidays and academic years and the absence doesn't have to be consecutive.  This includes -

  • Holidays taken in term time without the agreement of the school;
  • Arriving late to school after the register has closed (9.00am);
  • Any absence marked in the register as unauthorised.

Schools are also required to inform the Local Authority if a pupil is absence from school for 15 consecutive days.

Penalty Notice Fines will  be issued to each parent, for each child that was absent.  For example, 3 siblings for term time leave would result in each parent receiving 3 separate fines.

First Offence - The first time a Penalty Notice is issued for Term Time Leave or Irregular Attendance the amount will be £160 per parent, per child, paid within 28 days.  Reduced to £80 per parent, per child, if paid within 21 days.

Second Offence (within 3 years) - The second time a Penalty Notice is issued for Term Time Leave or Irregular Attendance the amount will be £160 per parent, per child, paid within 28 days.  No reduced rate will be offered.

Third Offence and any Further Offences (within 3 years) - The third time an offence is committed for Term Time Leave or Irregular Attendance a Penalty Notice will not be issued and the case will be presented straight to the Magistrates' Court.  Magistrates' fines can be up to £2,500 per parent, per child.  Cases found guilty in a Magistrates' Court can show on the parent's future DBS certificate, due to 'failure to safeguard a child's education'