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Adelante Galley - came to visit

"ADELANTE! LET US GO FORWARD!”called out Archbishop Oscar Romero when soldiers in El Salvador blocked the funeral procession of his assassinated friend Fr Utilio Grande. And onwards they walked, around the rifles.

Romero later became an official Catholic Saint.  

But most people can point to what you might call Unofficial Saints: inspirers, encouragers, uplifters, initiators, wave-makers; nearby or far off; who see things can change for the better; helping others go forwards by words or action.

"The Saints Next Door”, says Pope Francis – one of the many voices to enjoy for anyone walking around the four faces of the 2+ metre tall Adelante Gallery

Adelante is an uncommon example of art with its sleeves rolled up, packed with words to make you think, and maybe follow.

Adelante is home-made. By a very amateur artist, carpenter and designer - a former CAFOD volunteer. Squeezed in his garage at home. But something seriously different to enjoy, appreciate and learn from. And very ecumenical, on wheels.


Adelante is unlike other galleries - in size, shape, content, and purpose. It's not fixed in one place, has no admission charges or cafe, with exhibits that visitors are welcome to touch.

This Gallery is a tall, square, freestanding, hollow, wooden column - packed with graphics and quotes; some on hanging panels steadied by small magnets.


Following an assembly exploring the gallery the children created some of their own art work celebrating the A-Z of living Saints that was displayed on the Gallery.