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8th January 2021 Friday


Today, I want you to read on your own for 20 minutes and write the page you reached in your reading journal.  

Then practise reading the 'Storm Dragon' poem. Can you do it on video and send it to me? Use lots of expression.



I cannot believe how good your dragon pictures were!! Such good detail. Keep it safe because you are going to need it next week.

Today, we are going to focus on our handwriting. We are all learning to do joined handwriting, and you are doing really well with that. 

Letters that join at the top are a bit trickier so we need to practise them

See worksheet attached

top letter joinsAttachment



Can I make arrays (and group in rows and columns)

see worksheet below


Our new RE topic is 'Books' 

Your task today is to find 5 of your favourite books in your house. Think about why you like the books. 

Is it because you like the illustrations?

Is it because you like the books by that author?

Is it because it's funny?