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8th January 2021 Friday


Today we begin our new topic: Special People- People in the parish family.

We start with our big question- Who is the most special person to you? Why? What qualities make them special?

Talk about people who are special in your life and what makes them special. You might like to think about people who are special in the wider community- doctors, nurses, police…

Read Joe’s story- Grandma’s special people. There is a pdf version of the story below.

Your task is to draw someone who is special to you- Label who they are and the qualities that make them special.

My special person is….

They are special because…


Think about someone who is special in the wider community-The people who help us. Write a sentence to explain how the person is special to you.

For example,

The lollipop man is special to me because he helps me to cross the road when I walk to school.


In class we will be working on forming the letter k with the correct sequence of movements.

We will be writing these in our handwriting books keeping the letters carefully positioned on the line and maintaining a consistent size. At home, you can practise this letter on the sheet attached below. The document contains all the letters of the alphabet. Please print only page 11.

Can you write some words that begin with ‘k’?


Today is the spelling quiz.

Ask a grown-up at home to test you on your spellings. Good luck.


We will be reading and spelling words with the split digraphs: u-e

For example- prune, tube, flute, tunes, June, cube, rude, huge…

Please complete the worksheet attached below.


Today we continue to add ones using number bonds.

You can use the link below to watch the video for today’s learning.



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Please complete the worksheet below.

Suggested activities for the afternoon related to the RE lesson this morning.

  • Paint a picture of different people who help us and include some captions about each person.
  • Role-play some special people like doctors, priests, police officers, friends, grandmas, teachers etc.
  • Think of all the words which express the special things people offer us: e.g. care, time, love, friendship.