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7th January 2021 Thursday


Today, I want you to read on your own for 20 minutes and write the page you reached in your reading journal. Can you also practise reading the storm dragon poem and using expression. Choose three or four words that you can read in a louder or quieter way to make them stand out. e.g rage could be said in a loud slow voice. Try and video yourself reading it when you have practised it and send it to us if you can!


The focus today is Can I make arrays? 

An array is simply an ordered arrangement of objects. This is within the context of multiplicaton. So, if I wanted to make an array showing 2 groups of 5, organised into 2 rows with 5 in each. See video below.


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see attached work Thursday arrays



Today we are continuing to work on the theme of dragons. Yesterday, the children learnt new vocabulary to describe what a dragon might be like. Hopefully you will remember some as you will be using them next week so keep the list safe.

Today, we are looking at pictures of dragons and drawing our own. You can use some of the pictures attached to help you make your own. Think about the shape, texture, features and colour you want the dragon to have. 

First, draw the rough outline - don't do detail, just the rough shape of it first of all. 

Use a sketching pencil if you have one - they are softer and easier to draw with.

Look at the features in the pictures and use some of the ideas.

Add detail to show the claws, mouth, tail, body, texture, size eyes, teeth etc.

You might want to use felt tips, pastels or coloured pencils once you have finished drawing it. But finish drawing first!!! Dojos for the most detail you have included.  

We will be making a gallery of all the pictures and display them in the classroom.

pictures for ideas are attached below.



I don't know about you, but I haven't been doing as much exercise as I should. My challenge today is to run 5km. What is yours? 

Walk for 1 mile.

Do 3 lots of 20 star jumps with a break in between each one.

Run to the top of the stairs and back down 5 times. Time yourself to see if you can be quicker. (Don't do it when your baby brother or sister is sleeping) If you don't have stairs, can you do side to side steps - 5 one way, and 5 back and repeat lots of times. 

If you have a fit bit or pedometer, make sure you have done 8,000 steps today. Yes you can do it!!

Do all of them and send me a video for lots of dojos!! I might even show the best ones to the class.