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7th January 2021


Today we are going to be looking at the 4 times table.

We are doing a maths zoom at 9am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this. 

If you were unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic: and work through the powerpoint below before you try to complete the worksheet. 



We are doing an English zoom at 10:30am. Please use the link in the email to take part in this. 

Today we are going to be working on adverbs. We have come across this briefly earlier in the year. 

Adverbs are words we use to tell us where, when, why or how something is done. 

Have a look at this example:

I crossed the road.

I could add in an adverb to tell you how I crossed the road...I crossed the road quickly

The adverb in this new sentence is quickly


Have a look at these example sentences:

  • I went swimming.    ------      I went swimming outside.  (The adverb outisde tells me where it happened.)
  • I went on holiday.   ------       Last year, I went on holiday.  (The adverb last year tells me when it happened)
  • I eat brownies.        ------       I always eat brownies. (The adverb always tells me how often it happens). 


Your task today is to work through the PowerPoint linked below. There are several activities on the slides for you to work through. 



We are doing an afternoon zoom at 1:30pm to cover this lesson together. Please use the link in the email to take part in this. 

Before we can move onto the Romans, we need to finish looking at the Stone Age to Iron Age phase of history. 


Together on the zoom, we will start by looking at the differences between the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We will discuss the information on the powerpoint below. 

Complete the activity sheet by:

  • Pick out 1 or 2 facts to write in the boxes for each of the 'ages'. Use the powerpoint to find this information.
  • On the lines, write about which 'Age' you would have like to have lived in and why. 
  • Around the picture of the hillforts, write a few facts about hillforts - how they were made / how they were structured.