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6th January 2021 Wednesday


Use your notes from yesterday to write a description of Camp Green Lake. Here is an example to help you:

Down in the dangers of the man-eating oven, lies the most feared camp: Camp Green Lake. The blazing-hot sun towers over the desert wasteland, ready to shine her burning light upon the trouble-making teens.

Lethal creatures scurry around every corner, lurking patiently, waiting for their next meal. Fear of the unknown seeps through the bodies of those who stay here.

The miles upon miles of sandy dry earth is never-ending. Barren. There is no escape from this colossal and arid wasteland. It’s torture for all. 

Task: Begin writing your description. Use the your ideas from yesterday to help.



Spelling lists for Group One and Two for Tuesday 4th January - Friday 15th January 2021 can be found on the class page under Spelling.

We are beginning Unit 7 The Sh sound spelt si or ssi

Task: Please complete the Spelling Zone activity on page 32.





Yesterday, we learnt that co-ordinates come in pairs e.g. (4,5). So when plotting co-ordinates you plot the first co-ordinate on the x-axis and the second on the y-axis. The following phrase may help you to remember this:

Go along the corridor (x-axis) then up / down the stairs (y-axis)


Use this to help you record the co-ordinates for each of the letters on the grid below.

E.g. The red dot marked A is at (3,2)


Task: Today we will be answering fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions about co-ordinates which can be found. Remember to read each question carefully and to show your working out.

Here is another coordinates song for you!


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Topic (Day 2 of 2)


Here are some key words we will be using during the topic:

  • crime
  • punishment
  • criminal
  • rules
  • law
  • Government
  • police

Task: write a definition for the words above, check these online / using a dictionary and add to your ideas. Include an illustration to go with each word.