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6th January 2021 Wednesday

Good morning Year One!

Thank you for joining in at home so enthusiastically yesterday. It was a peculiar day- but we very much enjoyed getting to see your happy faces again. It was very quiet and a bit strange in school without thirty children! We hope you enjoyed writing about your holiday and remembered to count on from the biggest number when adding!

Here is your learning for today. We hope you will be able to meet us for a zoom meeting at 9:30 for Literacy and 11:00 for maths. Hopefully it will work first time today! 


We would normally start our Wednesday with PE but as we get into the swing of new online lessons we will start PE next week. However, at home you might like to begin your day with a yoga session from cosmic kids:


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We will be going on a brief Winter Walk around the school grounds to look for changes in our outdoor environment and we will then plot signs of winter on a map of the school grounds when we get back into class. For example- bare trees, evergreen trees, fallen leaves, berries...

There is a winter hunt checklist below for your reference.

The children will then be writing sentences about what you could see in winter- the focus will be to use the word 'and' to extend sentences.

For example, In winter you could see bare trees and leaves on the floor. In winter you will see children in warm coats and cosy hats.

They will think about what you see and how you feel. We will consider what we wear in the winter too.

Can you think of signs of winter that you would have liked to have seen but we didn't?

Can you write about it using the word because?

For example, I would love to see snow because I really want to build a snowman and throw snowballs at my sister!

They will be encouraged to remember the key features we try to use in our writing:

capital letters

 finger spaces

full stops

What handwriting focus did you decide to try to work on next?  Try to remember this in your writing today.

Are the letters on the line?

Are the letters the same size?

Have clear ascenders/descenders been used? To show tall letters/tails under the line.


In class we will be working on forming the letters m and h with the correct sequence of movements.

We will be writing these in our handwriting books keeping the letters carefully positioned on the line and maintaining a consistent size. At home, you could use the sheet from yesterday to focus on these letters.


You can have a go at learning the spellings that were sent home yesterday or can be found on the page for yesterday- Tuesday 4th January. There will be a quiz on Friday.


We will be reading and spelling words with the split digraphs: i-e

For example- like, nice, smile, spike, hike, rice, time, shine, kite, bite, hide, ride...

The sheet that will be sent home today can be found below. There is also a sheet with real and alien i-e words to read and identify.


WARM UP-  Number bonds to 10- Quick recall of the pairs of numbers that add together to make 10. Can you write them in order starting with 0+10=10, 1+9= 10... to 10+ 0= 10

Main session:

In maths will be continuing to think about counting on from the larger number on a number line.

There are differentiated sheets with number lines to draw the jumps and show how you count on.

You do not need to complete all the sheets (some are very similar) pick one or two pages that you feel are most suited to your child. They get increasingly more complex as you work through.

There is also a power point to look at together and a linked worksheet which you can also find below. This is an additional sheet and does not need to be completed but if you feel it is appropriate then it is available to use. 


Today we will be adding the branches and snow to our paintings.

We will be looking at a tree branch and study how the branch starts wider and gets narrower towards the end- we will also look at the direction of growth of the smaller twigs coming off of the branch.