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6th Jan - Wednesday

Reading- Zoom at 9.30am

Read chapters 4-5 of There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. PDF available below

What do you think of Bradley?

What do you think of Jeff?

How could Bradley improve his situation?


English: Zoom at 9.30am

Today we are going to be thinking about writing a persuasive argument for whether we think aliens should be pets.

Read through some of the information below, and then record pros and cons for the argument. 

Think about why aliens WOULD make good pets and why they WOULDN'T make good pets. 

Maths: Zoom at 11.00am

Today we are looking at calculating the area of rectangles, watch the video then have a go at the questions on the work sheet below. 


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Try the dots and dashes activities for our weekly spelling words, see the file below.

If you have your RWI Orange book already you can turn to page:  

Science: Zoom at 1.30pm

Today we are focusing on the evidence for know whether the Earth, Sun and Moon are spherical or not. 

Have a look at this video: BBC BITESIZE Video

Below is a file with ideas about the evidence for knowing the shape of the Earth, Sun and Moon, have a look through and then try making a poster that explains this evidence. 

If you are unsure what to do with the poster there is a sheet below that you can have a go at filling in, linked to spherical objects.