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6 w/b 7th February

Reading - Read your stage book at home. If you are on Accelerated Reader you can quiz on your book with this link (when you have finished your book). You should have already, or be very close to, filling up your sunflower target!


Spellings - Hotter, fitter, slower, saddest, biggest, smallest, only, old, of and they. 

Rainbow words - Write out your spellings in different colours. Can you make a pattern? Write out each word at least four times.

Making up sentences with your spellings in - With a grown-up and make up sentences with your spellings in. You or the grown up need to write these down. You can have more than one of your spellings in the same sentence, but every spelling needs to be covered. Keep these safe for the next activity.

Dictated sentences - A grown up can read out the sentence to you made up in the previous activity and you write it down. Can you get the spellings and the other words in your sentences correct?

Quizzing - On Friday, grown up will read out your spellings and you write them down onto a piece of paper. Check your spellings with your grown up. How many did you get right or which words to do you need to practice more?


Monday morning Education 4 Safety (E4S) - Discuss these questions with an adult. Can we go on a school trip to China? We would learn lots but would this be sensible? How else could we find out about going to school in China? What could I use to help me? How could I use the Internet to find out? What is a search engine? How do I use a search engine? What do I need to do to stay safe when I'm using a search engine? 

Now, with an adult use a search engine to find out some facts about what it might be like to go to a primary school in China. 

Afterwards, watch these videos and use them to answer the sheet on the attachments below.

A typical school day in a primary school in China

After-school activities at a Chinese primary school

A Chinese primary school sports day

Chinese hopscotch



Literacy Tuesday - Commas for lists. Watch these videos. English StarsBrain and Rap. Now look at the attachment below.  

Literacy Wednesday - Watch the story of The Magic Paintbrush. Today you are going to make your own Magic Paintbrush. Measure and cut out 10 pieces string that are 4cm long. These will be the bristles of your paintbrush. Fold up a piece of card or paper and fold it in long narrow strips (to make the handle). Glue the folds together along with part of the string. The string should stick out of the end of your paintbrush. Write your name on your paintbrush. Now, think about what powers your paintbrush will have? Can it paint food so no one is ever hungry? Could it sing to help babies get to sleep? Can it tell jokes to make people feel happy? Use the vocabulary planner to write down words and phrases. You will use this to help you write about your Magic Paintbrush tomorrow.

Literacy Thursday - Today you'll be writing about your Magic Paintbrush. Remember to use your vocabulary planner from yesterday to help you. Here's an example of someone writing about the powers of a magic paintbrush to give you some ideas:

God’s Paintbrush

God’s colourful paintbrush has endless powers! His paintbrush is more powerful than a ferocious bear. It can paint any colour from yellow as bright as the sun to black as dark as midnight. God’s paintbrush paints gracefully, delicately and thoughtfully. His paintbrush is busier than a buzzing bumblebee because it is always dashing quickly around the world to paint something new! I think the powers of God’s paintbrush makes us look in amazement, excitement and astonishment at the beauty in the world. Where can you see this beauty? It’s painted everywhere… Have you seen the twinkly, sparkly and shiny stars glowing like lightbulbs up high in the sky? Look at the turquoise, blue and frothy waves crashing delicately onto the sand at the beach. You can see it in how God painted your helpful Mum’s smile or in the kindness of your Dad’s wonderful hugs. You can even see it in Neymar Junior’s cleverly and quickly scored goals or in the bright colours on the TV screen when you play your Xbox! Listen and you can hear the quietness in the rain when plops slowly into puddles. God’s paintbrush is powerful. I wonder what he’ll paint next…

Literacy Friday - Spelling quiz


Maths - We are continuing our Multiplication and Division Learning this week. Please see the attachments below.

Maths Monday - Dividing by 10

Maths Tuesday - Making tally charts

Maths Wednesday - Draw Pictograms 1:1

Maths Thursday - Interpret pictograms 1:1

Maths Friday - Play on Numbots for at least 15 minutes. Now watch some of the times tables videos on the Year 2 learning videos page. Practise your x2, x5 and x10 tables. Play the Hit the Button game to help you practise. Write down your scores. What is the highest score you can get for each times table? 


Foundation Learning

PE Monday afternoon - Gymnastics - Practise doing a jump, landing with bent knees and then finishing your jump in a straight position. Now, practise some straight, star, tuck, pike and straddle jumps. Now practise some 2, 3 and 4 point balances. Remember points of balance means how many parts of your body are touching the floor. Next, choose a mixture of your favourite 5 (out of your balances and jumps). Practise linking these skills together smoothly and perform them for a grown-up at home.

Tuesday afternoon - How much have you learnt about China? Take the quiz (attachment at the bottom of the page) and find out! Can you write a quiz for a grown-up at home? Write some questions about the capital city, food, animals, language, the flag, Chinese New Year and famous landmarks. Try to write at least 8 questions. Could you turn this into a game show at home?

Wednesday afternoon - Language challenge - Can you write your name in Chinese? Can you write a sentence about yourself in Chinese? Practise in pencil first. When you are more confident could you use some paint? You could make yourself a bookmark with your name written on it.

Where do 'Chinese' alphabets even come from? Specifically the image shown  here. : r/ChineseLanguage

PE Thursday afternoon - Basketball. Can you complete these challenges?

Friday afternoon - Handwriting. Remember that we are working hard on correct letter formation because this will help us to move onto cursive (joined up handwriting). You might find this website helpful. Remember that we do not loop our letter g, j, f or y.