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5th March - Friday

Good morning Reception. Welcome to Friday.

Well done everyone, you have been amazing this week - here is our last day of home learning - let's make it a good one!

Let's start our day by getting active. here is this week's PE for you. I hope you enjoy the sessions - Dance this week!

PE session

Here is a link to a warm-up game – It may be one to play with someone in your family.  Watch the clip and then have a go.  This is the warm-up.

I have attached a lesson plan below for you –

Here is the video link to help you visualise the session. Session 5 of Dance.

Session 1



Now we have worked through our letters we are going to use them to create words beginning with iiii

Here are a few to start you off.

in, it, is, ink… can you think of some more?

Session 2 - Zoom Session


Today’s focus is Making 10.

We are continuing the sessions of Building 9 and 10 today.

Here is the White Rose link  - just in case

Let’s get started with a number line.

Can you solve the missing number problems today?

We are going to look at making 10 on a ten frame in today’s session.  The toys have found some magic beans.

Today they are collecting their magic beans on a ten frame. 

Your task today is to do what the toys did!

Can you ask a helper to hide 10 items around the house or outside – can you make a giant 10 frame – you could use sticks or chalk if you are outside. Can you bring the items back and see how many more you need each time?

Session 3 - Personal Social and Emotional - Zoom session

I would like you to spend the rest of the day on this challenge.  I am really looking forward to having you back in class on Monday. I would like you to bring something with you.

Could you make a ‘Happiness Box’ - could you find a box at home – a shoe box size is ideal.

I would like you to put 5 things in your box that make you happy.

I have attached a PDF below for your information to show the rational behind the happiness box.