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5th January 2021 Tuesday


Some of our English writing tasks this term will be based on our new class reader, "Holes" by Louis Sachar.


Start by reading chapter 1 below.

















Within this chapter, Sachar describes Camp Green Lake. We will be using the text, images below and our imaginations to write descriptions of this place.



Task: Today, start by planning. think of descriptive words and phrases to describe this place. You will need to think of:

Adjectives - words to describe e.g. desert, wasteland, vast.

Similes - Describe something as something else to compare them.

Metaphors - states that one thing is another thing e.g. The blazing-hot sun is an oven, roasting the boys alive.

Make notes of ideas to describe, you will use these over the next few days to write your descriptions.

Here are some phrases that you may want to use:




Today we will be plotting co-ordinates on all four quadrants. Start by watching the video below to familiarise yourself with how to do this.



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Plotting Co-ordinates

Remember co-ordinates come in pairs e.g. (4,5). So when plotting co-ordinates you plot the first co-ordinate on the x-axis and the second on the y-axis. The following phrase may help you to remember this:

Go along the corridor (x-axis) then up / down the stairs (y-axis)

Task: Find the hidden shapes by accurately plotting the co-ordinates. The answers can be found here too so you can check your work.


Topic (Day 1 of 2)

Our topic this term is Crime and Punishment.

For your activity today, I want you to think about what these some of the key words related to the topic.

Here are some key words we will be using during the topic:

  • crime
  • punishment
  • criminal
  • rules
  • law
  • Government
  • police

Task: write a definition for the words above, check these online / using a dictionary and add to your ideas. Include an illustration to go with each word.