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5th January 2021 Tuesday

Welcome back!

We will be starting our new term by talking about our Christmas holidays and sharing with each other the best bits of our time over the holiday.


The children will be asked to pick one day - their favourite day and retell it in order.  This will be an independent piece of writing and they will be encouraged to remember the key features we try to use in our writing:

capital letters

 finger spaces

full stops

Where could you include an exclamation mark?

* Can you order your writing by using time connectives? 

Here are some ideas to help you- first, next, then, after that, finally, eventually...

Early in the morning I was woken up by my little boy! First at 4 o’clock and then at 6 o’clock and finally at 7 o’clock. He ran into the bedroom announcing that Father Christmas had left a bike in his bedroom! Next Noah appeared with his big sack of presents and his stocking. We all opened our stocking presents and had lots of yummy chocolate! After that we went downstairs to find huge piles of presents in the front room. We all sat down and took turns to open them up! My favourite present was...

At the end of the writing, we will be looking at our handwriting and working out what we have done well and what we need to work on next:

Are the letters on the line?

Are the letters the same size?

Have clear ascenders/descenders been used? To show tall letters/tails under the line.

Talk to your child about what they think they need to try to do to improve their handwriting in future writing.


In class we will be working on forming the letters r and n with the correct sequence of movements.

We will be writing these in our handwriting books keeping the letters carefully positioned on the line and maintaining a consistent size. At home, there is a sheet below you might like to have a go at.


Spellings will be sent home from school today for a quiz on Friday.

The spellings for the half term are on the documents below. Each page is dated - you need the first page for this week. The look, cover, say, write, check sheets are also there, if you find them useful or continue to learn them in your own way.


We will be reading and spelling words with the split digraphs: a-e

For example- make, cake, take, tape, shape, shake, snake, rake,

name, same, came, mate, hate, rate, cane...

The sheet that will be sent home on Wednesday can be found below. You could do the first part today.

We will be reflecting on our behaviour over the past year and think about how we could make a change to be more helpful, caring or thoughtful in the coming year.

We will be making a resolution for the New Year by writing this down on a leaf shaped piece of paper to show we are going to 'turn over a new leaf'!

Examples might include:

I am going to try to make my own bed every morning.

I will help set the dinner table to make it easier for my parents.


WARM UP-  Number bonds to 10- use fingers standing and hiding to find and list the pairs of numbers that add together to make 10. For example 8 and ? makes 10, 7 and ? equals 10...

Main session:

In maths will be completing an activity shown on the power point below. Rather than dice, we will be using number cards for example: 1-9 (black numbers) and number cards 1-3 (red numbers)

There will be a selection of number cards- select those you feel are most appropriate for your child.

The children will be asked to pick a red number and black number. Decide which is the larger number and add the smaller number to it by counting on from the biggest number.

They can also write their calculations down to answer:    9 + 3 =       

count on from 9, 10, 11, 12 


We will be painting a winter sky painting by imagining we are standing under a bare tree and looking up into the cold sky.

There are some pictures below as an idea.

Today we will be colour mixing white with a hint of blue- starting with a white circle in the centre of the page and adding increasing mounts of blue as the circle expands out to fill the page.

Branches and snow will be added tomorrow once it is dry.