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5th January 2021


Today you are going to recap column addition and subtraction. This is a really important method so it we need to recap it often. 

We are going to do this through number pyramids. We looked at these earlier in the year but have a look at the picture below to recap the way we do this. 


The 2 numbers below, add up to make the box above. 35+50 = 85

If you have the top number and one bottom number, do the top number - the bottom number to get the other bottom number. 

80-35 = the left box on the bottom row.


When you are ready, have a look at the worksheet below. There are 3 sheets in the document, please choose an appropriate level. As a guide; 1 star - green group, 2 stars - yellow group, 3 stars - red group. 



A little while ago we looked at homophones. 

Homophones are words which sound the same, but they are spelt differently and mean different things. 


Try to list 10 pairs of homophones. I'll start you off... new and knew.


Once you have found 10 pairs, write a sentence for each word in the pair. Make sure you use the homophones correctly in your sentence. 




This afternoon we have PE. You can still join in with this - here are a couple of options:

1. Cosmic kids yoga -

2. PE with Joe -

3. Have a go at the Shoreham Academy virtual games challenge -