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5th Jan- Tuesday


Chapters 1-3 of our new class reader: There's A Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. Have a read through of the PDF chapters. Listen out for any American vocabulary- check you know what it means. 


Today we are thinking about persuasive arguments, read through the discussion debate about keeping whales and dolphins in captivity there are some questions to answer about them after. If there is vocabulary you are unsure of be sure to ask someone or use an online dictionary. We will be thinking of our own debate over the next few days. 


Our Spellings for the next two weeks focus on the silent letter b words and words using 'ough' in them. Remember the spaces are for words you want to practise using. Below is a list of the words we are focussing on, read through them and make sure you know what they mean:

Set: 5th January 2021

Test: 15th January 2021

  1. thumb

  2. crumb

  3. debt

  4. doubt

  5. limb

  6. climb

  7. tomb

  8. comb

  9. fought

  10. rough

  11. thorough

  12. ought

  13. cough

  14. .



Have a watch of the video below (joining in if it says to!) and then access the worksheet below. 


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Art and Science:

Today we are completing two different piece of work linked to our brand new Space topic. 

Art: We are designing our front covers for our topic books- can you create a front cover for your topic book? If you do it on the computer or using technology then send it in! It doesn't matter what you create (could be a drawing, painting, collage, selection of photos) but needs to link to our topic of SPACE

Science: Our new topic is all about SPACE, the first thing I would like you to do is design a sheet, A4 or A3 and include everything you already know and what you want to know in this topic. I would love to see it so send it in!