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5- Friday 21st January

Good Morning!

English: SPAG

Today we are thinking about Commas to Clarify meaning, which means using commas to make the meanings of sentences clear. 

Have a look through the information then try the activities on the slides. The answers are at the bottom of the page. 


Today we are continuing to look at short division and in particular we are thinking about dividing a four digit number by a 1 digit number using the formal written (bus stop) method. 

Have a watch of the video below and then try the question sheets. The answers are also included. 

I have also put a times table square below to help you if you find remembering your times tables tricky. 



Today we are thinking about SANDWICHES!

Have a look through the slides and have a go at the pronunciations of the different types of bread and sandwich fillings.

Use the sheet to create some sandwich orders in French -  be sure to test the vocabulary out on your family and friends at home.