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5 February 2021


Please join us in our Zoom session at 10:30 for us to test our Unit 7 spellings.


Who is David Attenborough? What is he famous for?

Watch this David Attenborough video:

Today we will be creating a paragraph where we use David Attenborough’s wise words to back up our ideas. To do this we must use speech marks to show that the man himself said exactly these words.

What rules do you remember about speech?

  • We need to start with our speech marks
  • Then we must use a Capital before writing the exact words that David said
  • We must use a , ! ? before closing speech
  • Don’t use a capital for ‘said’

So we could say:

“We must immediately halt deforestation,” declared David Attenborough.

If we want to up-level this sentence, we could add an embedded clause with extra information. For example:

David Attenborough, an English Naturalist, declared, “We must immediately halt deforestation!”

Finally, we must conclude our work. You need a separate paragraph for this.

How will we end dramatically?

What could the readers do to help?

What will happen if no one does anything?

Now before you upload your work on Google classroom, please edit. Check you have the following features: