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4th February - Thursday

Good Morning Reception 

I hope you are well?  Welcome to Thursday. 

Here is your learning for today.   I look forward to seeing you all later on zoom.

Have an amazing day.

Mrs H x

Before school - Physical development

Daily activity – make sure you are active every day.

CBeebies also offer daily sessions Cosmic Kids  / Joe wicks – or you may have a family favourite.

Session 1: Handwriting


We are  working through our alphabet for our letter formation adn pencil control.  We are aiming to master a letter a day. Today’s letter is….

Thursday  - sssss

Session 2 Zoom Session  - I will do an online phonics session with the children today to do a recap over the set 2 sounds. here is an Ebook link for you too to have a look through. - Sound blending book 8

Session 2 : Phonics  - Zoom session

Today  we have our last session in set 2 sounds .  It is ou - shout it out.

I have added the PDF below from RWI for you.  I  hope you are not too loud!!!!

I have also added a word search for 'ou' words as a PDF and some real and nonsense words. you could read them off the screen and make your own flashcards. 


Share a story / listen to a story

Zog and the Flying Doctors


Zoom Session - Session 3 Maths


Maths – Growing 6,7,8

here is the link for the White Rose session - resources are below.  I will go through the slides with the children and then expand on the teaching points.

Combining 2 groups  - have a look at the ten frame to get your number brain working .  (4 counters / 9 counters)

Using the pictures from the powerpoint below or the link above the questions will help you to think about the pictures. 

Under the sea picture today to help us combine 2 groups.  How many fish are there altogether – use your ten frame to help – how many large fish and then add on the small fish. Can you show the 2 different groups on your ten frame. 

How many altogether?

Next we are going to look at the octopus – how many yellow and how many blue?

Can you show them on your ten frame? ( 1+4)

How many shells  do we have?

pink ones – (2) and purple (4)

Can you see that you have one complete line of 5 and then one more.

Your turn – have a look at the dominoes PDF below – how many spots are on the dominoes.  If you have real dominoes at home please use them. Have fun!

Session 4

Communication Language and Literacy and Knowledge and Understanding

Day 2 of the Animal Hospital

I hope you had a productive day yesterday setting up your premises.

Today we need to think about how your hospital will run smoothly?

Your patients will need signs and directions on what to do and where to go.

You will need welcome signs. And posters. 

Tell them what each area does.  Is there a waiting room?

(Don't forget the resources from yesterday  - you may want to use them for inspiration!)

The link below is for a Cbeebies show called ‘Ferne and Rory’s Vet Tales’

You might like to watch it to find out what happens at the vets.

Can you see all of the posters and signs in the vet surgery on the show?  Can you create some for your animal hospital?

The programme also goes to large animals at the zoo – you may have some bigger patients arriving tomorrow!

Well done for another great day of learning  - I hope you have had fun!

See you tomorrow

Mrs H x