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4-Thursday 14th January

Reading- Zoom at 9.30am

Today we are reading chapters 12 and 13 of There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. The copy of the chapters can be found below. 


English - Zoom at 9.30am. 

Today you are finishing and editing your piece of writing, focusing on the use of the stylistic pieces we are looking for in a good argument. I will go through the criteria in the Zoom lesson, however the list can be found below. You can continue to use Google Classroom to either write or upload your work. Submitting will close at 5pm today so that I can mark them and give you feedback!

Check through: 

  • Spellings

  • Punctuation

  • Does it make sense when you read it back?

  • Have you used the features on the list below?

  • Is it completely persuasive to your point of view?


In your RWI book, have a look at and complete all words on page 6- which focuses on the -ough letter string. 


Maths- Zoom at 11am

Today we are going to be learning a brand new skill- how to use long multiplication to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers. I suggest logging into the Zoom meeting before watching the video. There are also some pictures below of how to follow the long multiplication method. 

You may need some coloured pens or pencils (a couple that are different to each other to begin with). 

Be prepared it can be challenging- but we can do it year 5!



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Today we are thinking about what happened when Jesus began his Ministry. This was the time when Jesus began preaching and teaching the people about God's love for them. We are also thinking what an apostle had to be like to go and spread the word. 


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Your task is to design a poster advertising the job of becoming one of Jesus' apostles to encourage people to want to do spread the Good News.

Think about what an apostle would have had to have been like and what qualities they would have had to posses!  You can do this on the computer or on paper it is up to you. Include as much detail as you can about what Jesus wants his apostles to be like. There is a template for a 'Wanted' poster if you would like to write it on there or copy the design. It is up to you how it looks.