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4 - Thursday 20th January

Good Morning!


In English today, you will be working on Uplevelling Sentences, there is a sheet below to show you what to do to help you develop sentences by adding different words and sentence structure. 



We are having Fluency Thursday whilst we are at Swimming this term, so below there are some activities that you can have a go at / try at home! 

Don't forget there is also TT Rockstarts  and Numbots to use to help you with your speed and confidence at your times tables. 


Today we are creating the design for your Cushion made from recycled materials, as part of our mission against Fast Fashion. 

Have a look through the information on the slide. 

Remember that sewing can be challenging to do so if you're not confident at sewing keep it as simple as possible( maybe use the design on your recycled top/clothing.

If you are confident at sewing then think of ways to up-level your design by adding buttons / embroidery / beads etc. 

The sheet below the slides at the bottom of the page includes space for your labelled design and some info to the side.