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3rd February - Wednesday

Good Morning Reception 

I hope you are well?  Welcome to Wednesday. 

Here is your learning for today.   I look forward to seeing you all later on zoom.

Have an amazing day.

Mrs H x

Before school - Physical development

Daily activity – make sure you are active every day.

CBeebies also offer daily sessions Cosmic Kids  / Joe wicks – or you may have a family favourite.

Session 1: Handwriting

Daily handwriting –

If you would like to have a go at making some patterns with all of the letter shapes we have looked at so far.

I have attached some sheets for you.

Today’s letter is: rrrr

Session 2 - Zoom - RE and Communication Language and Literacy

Today we will start the session by watching a very short film clip. 

Watch the You tube link of Anna and Simeon at the temple. Showing the bible story from Luke 2: 25-38

Then we are going to share our thoughts about the film

Here is a written version below.

 Tell the story:   Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem. They wanted to present him to God and thank God for giving them their lovely boy.

Whilst they were there they met 2 people, Simeon and Anna. They went to the Temple every day to pray. Simeon took Jesus in his arms and gave thanks to God. He said a prayer over Jesus and blessed Mary and Joseph. He said Jesus was like a light to help people.  Anna too was delighted to see Jesus and gave thanks to God for him.

Afterwards Mary and Joseph took Jesus home to Nazareth

On the Feast of the Presentation many parishes bless all their candles as a symbol that Jesus is the light of the world.

See the PDF below

Who do you see in the picture?

Why did Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple?

Who were the people that they met?

Why did Simeon and Anna go to the Temple?

What did Simeon do?

Why do you think Simeon and Anna were so pleased to meet Jesus?

What did Mary and Joseph do after they left the Temple?

I have attached a PDF picture below for you to look at today to go with the story.

Task: Can you draw and write something you can remember from the story?

Creative task - 

Make cardboard candles with tissue paper flames.

We are going to make candles – to show how Jesus’ light is going to shine. 

‘Jesus is the light of the world’

Breaktime - 

Share a story / listen to a story

Zog and the Flying Doctors -

Session 3 - Maths - Zoom session

Here is the White Rose link for today.

I will be working through today's challenge with the children on line.

Growing 6,7, and 8

Combining 2 groups. Start with looking at the ten frame – how many counters can you see? ( 1 / 8)

Today we are looking at combining 2 groups from looking at the picture.  Look at the flowers in the picture – some are blue, and some are orange.  Can you use your 10 frame to help you?

4 blue flowers. And the 3 orange flowers – can you show the squares being filled in on the ten frame.

How many counters all together? (7)

Birds in the tree next – 5 birds in the tree and 3 birds on the branch – can you show it on your 10 frame – 5 and then 3 using 2 different colours or types so you can see the difference in your 2 groups. (8 Birds)

Have a look at the frogs – some are in the pond and some are on the log – how many altogether? 1 on the log so 1 counter on the ten frame and then 5 in the pond to then show on your ten frame.  How many counters altogether? (6)

Can you have a go looking at a different version of the park and add the groups together – how many frogs, flowers and birds.

Crafty Maths

If you wanted to create some ‘Crafty maths’ today and to get your snappy fingers working - you could create some addition opportunities on a hanger – with a set of pegs (up to 8) put the pegs onto the lower bar on the hanger with a gap in the middle to show the 2 groups adding together. You could even theme your pegs – colour the 2 groups / stick on a picture – make them into peg dollies / animals. Get crafty!

Session 4 - Phonics

For our phonics today I have given you a phonics game to play – have a try at a new level if you are feeling confident!

Here is the link for a phonics play game – buried treasure.

Today in phonics I have also put a link for an Ebook from Oxford Owl for you - sound blending book 7

Session 5

Communication Language and Literacy and Expressive arts and design and Knowledge and Understanding

You have a special job for the next 3 days – it will be an ongoing project.

I would like you to think about our story this week of Zog and the Flying Doctors. 

I would like you be like the flying doctors and you need to look after the animals in your kingdom.

Can you find a little area in your bedroom or somewhere else in your house that your family are happy for you to use to set up an Animal Hospital.

I have attached lots of resources below for you as ideas - you could definitely create your own – so they are just to inspire you!

Step 1: getting the hospital ready.

Do you have sufficient premises?

You will need some beds for the patients – (cardboard boxes / paper  / make them from Lego , Duplo, etc)

Do you have blankets for your patients?

What do you have to make your animals comfortable? (Cushions, books to read, )

Try to make your hospital the most comfortable and welcome place to be.

Stage 2 tomorrow!

I hope you have had a fun day of learning . Well done for all of your hard work today.

Mrs H x