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3-Wednesday 13th January


Reading: Zoom- 9.30am

Today we are reading chapters 10 and 11 of There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom. The files are below but we will be reading this at the start of our Zoom lesson. 

English- Zoom-9.30am

Today we are going to continue writing our arguments in favour or not of having aliens as pets. You can access your work on the Google Classroom if that is where you have been writing it. The Key words and examples are attached below as well as the lesson examples. 

Spellings: Zoom-9.30am

Today we are going to be doing the dictation activity in the lesson so make sure you have your RWI Orange booklets at the ready!

Maths- Zoom- 11.00am

Today we are working on a Y5 objective which is to multiply 4digits by 1 digit using the short multiplication method. This is a few more steps to do in our calculation than yesterday, we will go through it on the Zoom meeting, the worksheets and answers are at the bottom. The video is also available here if you are stuck. 


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Science- Zoom at 1.45pm 

Today we are thinking about how and why we have day and night. 

Look through the notes and the activity for you to use is attached below 

Why do you think we have day and night?

We will be watching these videos in our Zoom: 

Day and Night  video

How do we get day and night?

Activity 1- Please complete the diagram and have a go at explaining why we have day and night, if you are unable to print, perhaps do a rough sketch and answer the questions around it neatly!

Activity 2- You don't have to do this activity, it involves creating your very own sundial. Just pages 1 and 2 - there are a lot of pages on the document so don't print them all!