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3- Thursday 25th February



Reading (Zoom at 9.30am)

We will be reading some more of our new class book: High-Rise Mystery!

 English (Zoom at 9.30am)

Today you are going to be considering some ideas about what you might include in your rap about Lockdown Life. You will need to consider feelings, experiences, highs and lows. Write as many words as you can to cover everything that you can. 

Have a look below for my lockdown life mind-map


I am also considering rhyming words that might be useful in a rap! If you can't think of some rhyming pairs, then try this website which is a rhyming dictionary, you type in a word and it gives you one that it rhymes with. 

Rhyme Zone


Today, have a go at the Dots and Dashes activity for Unit 4 - silent letter t

Maths (Zoom at 11am)

Today we are thinking about adding three or more fractions together. This is following on from the work we have done the previous few days. Don't forget our Zoom lesson is at 11, and the video will help you if you need some more support afterwards.


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Today we are thinking about how we remember the important sacrifice that Jesus made for us, we call it a memorial sacrifice.
During the Eucharist, we remember the words that Jesus spoke at the Last Supper, giving us a way to keep his sacrifice fresh in our minds, and keep Him close to us. 
Have a read of the information below, checking what it is that the Eucharist involves. 

You are going to create a booklet or poster that explains the Eucharist to the children in Year 3 and 4 who may be making their First Communion. 
You will need to include:
-what the Eucharist is
-why does it happen
-what happens at the Eucharist (explain what the bread and wine mean)
-why it is important


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If you are unsure of these questions, revisit the slides, or ask someone at home, parent, sibling or someone who is looking after you. 

Here are some sentence starters that you may want to use and look at:
-The Eucharist remembers…
-The bread becomes… this shows that…
-The wine becomes… this symbolises…
-During the Liturgy of the Eucharist the priest will…
-During the Eucharist you will…
-The Eucharist is important to Catholics because…

Zones of Regulation:

Today we are thinking about what our Zones are across the day. 

Using yesterday, can you use the graph sheet below to monitor what your Zones are during your day.