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3 February 2021


Today we will be continuing our work on area, by creating shapes with specific area. 

Many shapes can have the same area. For example, all of the shapes below have an area of 5.

Area - Grade 4 (examples, solutions, videos)

Have a look at the PowerPoint and then have a go at the worksheet. 


In your handwriting book, please practise our spellings for the week. There should be a neat line of each word. Please try to join your letters and make sure your ‘r’ joins at the top!

·       Courageous

·       Serious

·       Obvious

·       Anxious

·       Curiously

·       Hideously


Today, we are going to start writing our newspaper articles. We will be writing a heading and introduction today.

What is a heading?

A heading should be snappy, at the top of a newspaper article and explains what the report is about. You can use alliteration or a pun. What imaginative ideas can you think of?


Now we need to write our introduction. The introduction must BRIEFLY explain what the article is about. It shouldn’t be too wordy. It just gives the reader a quick glimpse into what the article is about and give them the option to decide whether they want to read on.

It should include:

·       Who

·       What

·       Where

·       How

·       Why

·       When

Use the PowerPoint and wordmat to help you come up with ideas.


Today you have a chance to finish off your work from yesterday. Don't forget we should see quite basic shapes with graduation. There is not a lot of white in Tarsila Do Amara's work. 

This is a good example of graduation: 

Spectrum Color Wheel With Graduation from Black to White Art Print Poster  30x46 cm inch: Kitchen & Home