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2nd March - Tuesday

Good morning Reception. Welcome to Tuesday.

Let's start our day by getting active. here is this week's PE for you. I hope you enjoy the sessions - Dance this week!

PE session

Here is a link to a warm-up game – It may be one to play with someone in your family.  Watch the clip and then have a go.  This is the warm-up.

I have attached a lesson plan below for you –

Here is the video link to help you visualise the session. Session 2 of Dance.

Session 1


Now we have worked through our letters we are going to use them to create words beginning with ffff

Here are a few to start you off.

Fun, fish, flower… can you think of some more?

Session 2 Reading - Zoom Session 1

We are going to continue with our rhyme spotting theme today.  I have got some rhymes for you linked to our Jungle theme. Can you listen out for the descriptions of the animals and spot the rhyme. Have your white boards ready or your books – you could have a go at doing a quick sketch of the animal today or having a go at writing the name of each animal.



Session 3 - Zoom Session


Today’s focus is - Comparing Numbers within 10

Today we are going to continue our work with building 9 and 10.

We are going to have a quick game of spot the mistake – can you spot the mistake on the number line? You could carry this on after our session today – the cheeky kangaroo could be back from last week?

We are going to investigate with estimation and explore the numbers on a number line today. We are also going to look back at the words – ‘more’ and ’fewer’.

Your task today: Can you ask someone in your family to join you.  Can you pick up a handful of objects and can your friend guess how many you have in your hand. Can you spot the number on your number line?

Count the items in your hand.

Discuss if they guessed correctly.

Then it is their turn. Can you guess how many they have? Is it more or fewer thank you had? Can you spot the number on the number line?

Repeat this activity a few times.

Session 4 - 

Communication Language and Literacy and Knowledge and Understanding

Have a look at the Jungle Facts powerpoint below.  Look at the slides and talk about the pictures.

What can you remember from the facts?

Did you have a favourite fact?

Can you draw one of the things you remember from the Jungle facts.

Your task today – draw a picture of an animal from the jungle and if you would like to can you write something about the Jungle.

Well done for your hard work today - have a lovely evening.

Mrs H x