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29th January Friday


This week’s text is:-

The Tale of Custard the Dragon

Read your book for 15 minutes. Remember to record it in your reading journal.


Today, we are:-

Learning our times tables

Play the following games and if you feel confident do the test. Remember, sometimes the questions are the opposite way round.
3 x 2   or it might be 2 x 3 (choose counting in steps of 2,5 or 10, starting at 0)

You could also try these division games


Today we are learning to:-

 spell 'wr' words correctly

use cursive/joined handwriting

You will need:-

  • Your spelling practice book.
  • A pink and green highlighter or felt tip.


The sentences to dictate are:-
  1. The wren flew over the wreck.
  2. Peter write the note in neat writing


The four things the children need to highlight green (if correct) or pink (if wrong) are:-

Full stops

Capital letters

Finger spaces

Wr words spelt correctly



We are learning to:-

think about the different feelings we have at different times.

We have been talking about Zones of learning. Remember, they look like this, and it helps us think about which of the four zones we are in when we get to school. and how it changes through the day.

This is how we show it in class.

Have a think about the different times you have felt in...

the blue zone

the green zone

the yellow zone

the red zone

Can you use the worksheet  'Which zone would I be in?' to write 2 different times when you might feel in each of the  zones. You can use the 'Zone feelings' to help you with this.

e.g. the blue zone    - when i feel tired,  when I cant concentrate on my work, when I fall out with my friend.

Send me a photo of what you have written as I will need it for our next lesson.