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29th January - Friday

Good morning Reception 

Welcome to Friday- I hope you have a good day and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom later.

Lets start the day by getting active!

There is a new challenge from Shoreham Academy this week. Check it out!

They have now designed some ‘home virtual games’ for you to try if you wish – follow the link below.

Daily activity – make sure you are active every day.

CBeebies also offer daily sessions Cosmic Kids  / Joe wicks – or you may have a family favourite.

Session 1- Handwriting

Let's get ready by practicing our letter formation - Today’s letter is….Friday  - ooooo - please see PDF below

Session 2 - Phonics - Zoom Session 

Today we are going to look at the sound from set 2 - 'oy' toy for a boy. 

Can you draw your favourite toy  - after our session today? Could you write labels to give all of your toys with the 'oy' sound on? 

toy , boy, enjoy.  

Can you think of any more? 


Break time

Time for a snack and a story.

Zoom session - Session 3 - Maths

Growing 6,7,8

Here is the link for Kippers Toybox – a good story for today’s task.

Here is the White Rose link for the session

Miss Cooper mentions Kipper’s Toybox in her clip today – the mice are hiding toys in the story! So your job today is to identify the missing toys – you can do this with counting and using your memory to identify the missing toy.

You can play this game at home with someone in your family.

Session 4 - RE

Today in RE we are going to  continue or Celebrations topic.  We are going to think about celebrations with our parish family.  I would also like us to think about how we can do something for others.  During these very strange times it is hard to think of others in our community as we have not seen them.  They are very much still there and are waiting for us all to be together again very soon.

Lots of you know about our church in Shoreham St. Peter’s .  Some of you may have been in there.  Fr Graham is our Parish Priest.  Every day he says special prayers for us.  He thinks about us and he gives us strength to get through each day.  I would like to ask you to make a card for Fr Graham.  If you would like to drop them off at school whilst you are on a walk or post them in the parish letter box, which is at the left hand side of the church building you could hand deliver them.  Or you could send them to the following address if you wanted to put them in the post and you have a spare stamp.

You message needs to include the words Thank You. I think it will be a lovely surprise for Father Graham as I know he is missing seeing all of the community and to receive something in the letter box will definitely ’make his day!’

Fr Graham Ricketts

St Peter, Shoreham

West St, Shoreham-by-Sea 

BN43 5WG

Well done all of you for another amazing day and week!

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs H x