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29 January 2021


Today we will be looking at correspondence problems. 

You might be wondering what a correspondence problem is!

 Correspondence problems:  

  • Involve finding a rule
  • Need you to look for a pattern
  • Will have more than one answer

This kind of question requires a bit of perseverance, because you have to work out more that one answer.

Scaling and Correspondence Problems - Maths with Mum


Join us in our English Zoom session to work on dictation together (Unit 7). If you can't make it, please get someone to read you the sentences from the back of the book to you. 


Now today, we will be writing a description of our own islands. There are a few things our descriptions must include:

For example:

The Isle of Heff’s reputation is quite formidable. Visitors know that they will have a chance to look into the mystical mermaid’s eye which will grant them a once in a life time wish. The mermaids are very mysterious, swimming gently in a clockwise motion around the relatively small island. If and when they hear a conch’s song, they will find the song whisperer and grant them their wish. To do this they spin their tail around 4 times while singing the song of Heff (to the tune of Shake it off by Taylor Swift). If the song whisperer does not join in with this famous, feel-good song, unfortunately no wishes will be granted. This is a once in a life time opportunity. Do not miss out on it!

Look on the PowerPoint for some ideas. There is also a template which you might like to follow below.

We will finish the week with two short sessions:

Science (Zoom input ay 1:00pm):

Although we used simple identification carol diagrams to name the animals last lesson, there is a clearer way of classifying animals. What do you think classifying means?

Invertebrate Key | Dichotomous key, Invertebrates, Science worksheets

A classification key has a list of clues and answers for identifying an organism. It is a ‘key’ for unlocking the identification of a living thing or other object. 

Task: Have a go at the attached worksheet. Your first activity is to place the animals in the correct place on the classification key. Your second activity is to think about which questions might be missing.  I have attached a 'sample question' sheet which may help.m 


See if you can create your own classification key for these animals! 

Vertebrate and invertebrate animals activity