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28th January 2021 Thursday


Good morning Year One. We hope the 'Give Your parents a Break Day' went well and your grown-ups had a bit of a rest. 

We begin our day with some yoga. Click the link below and join in with the actions.


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RE: Special people 

When the parish family gathers to celebrate Mass, we have an important part to play by listening to God’s Word.  The priest reads the Gospel, the stories of the life of Jesus, who is the most special person for the parish family.

One of the stories we hear at this time of year is about Mary and Joseph taking Jesus, as a baby, to be presented in the Temple.  Mary and Joseph made many journeys to the Temple.  We remember this story on 2nd February, the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus.  Candles are blessed and carried on this day to remind us that Jesus would bring light and joy to the world.

Read the story below from Luke 2: 23-40.

Or you could watch the short video below.

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Key Questions:

Who are the special people in this story?

What did Simeon say about Jesus?

What do you think this meant?

How do you think Jesus brings light to the world?

How can we bring joy to others?


Act out the story using the puppets in the PDF below. Or if you'd like, you could make your own puppets. The file can be found at the bottom of the page.

Please continue to learn your spellings for this week. Remember there is a quiz on Friday.

blur, slurp, turnip, herb, fern, mixer, by, my

Nessy spelling- Try completing 10 minutes of Nessy spelling today.


11 am Zoom session

Main session: Counting forwards and backwards within 50

You can use the link below to watch the video for today's learning.


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Here is a worksheet that reinforces the learning for today. Please complete as much of the sheet as you can. There is also an answer sheet provided for you to check your answers and mark your work.

If you would like a challenge, please have a go at the reasoning and problem solving questions.

Below is a 50 grid (numbers 1 - 50) that you can print out to help you with your counting. You can also use this grid to find missing numbers. Simply ask someone at home to cover a few of the numbers and see if you can say what the numbers are.

50 Grid


Zoom 1:00pm

Today we will review the sound ai- snail in the rain.

For example, rain, tail, train, main, pain, maid, mail, sail, fail, hail...

Have a go at reading real and alien words with the 'ai' sound. Find the worksheet at the bottom of the page.

Zones of regulation

This afternoon we will look at the zones of regulation. The zones of regulation help children gain skills in consciously regulating their actions.  Children learn to use strategies or tools to stay in a zone or move from one zone to another. The picture below shows the zones and the emotions we can experience in those zones. What zone are you in?

We have looked at the zones of regulation in the autumn term and did a lot of work with understanding each zone and the feelings/emotions within them. Over the next couple of weeks we will be teaching children tools to help them regulate their zones. 


This afternoon we would like you to create a zones check in at home. By creating a zones check in at home, the children will be able to think and talk about how they are feeling. To create the zones check in you will need to create the four zones with the corresponding colours. Using coloured paper is a simple way of doing this. On each piece of paper children could write the corresponding emotions or cut out/draw pictures to show the emotions in each zone. Below are some ideas.

If you would like to watch the video below, it outlines the steps of creating a zones check in.


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Also attached below is a poster that the children can colour in. The poster is found on page 2 of the file.


In preparation for our liturgy next Thursday, we would like you to make and decorate a candle. On one side of the candle please write the following;

Jesus is the light of the world.

On the other side of the candle write the names of all the people who are special to you.  There is a candle template found below if you would like to print it out. Or you may wish to create your own candle with the resources you have at home. You have until next Thursday to complete this task.

We hope you had a good day of home learning. Thank you for working so hard!