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28th January - Thursday

Good morning Reception 

Welcome to Thursday- I hope you have a good day and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom later.

Lets start the day by getting active!

There is a new challenge from Shoreham Academy this week. Check it out!

They have now designed some ‘home virtual games’ for you to try if you wish – follow the link below.

Daily activity – make sure you are active every day.

CBeebies also offer daily sessions Cosmic Kids  / Joe wicks – or you may have a family favourite.

Session 1 - Handwriting

Today's letter to practice is nnnnnn.  See the PDF below. 

Session 2 - Zoom Session - Phonics


Today in Phonics we look at our next sound from set 2.

or – storm in the north

– it is one of the new sounds from RWI  - I  mentioned it last Wednesday (20.1.21) when we learnt, oor – shut the door.  

I have attached the cards as PDF's below

Can you say the sound?

Can you practise writing the letters?

Can you read the sound when it is in other words?

Can you make some flash cards from the words on the sheet – play a game with them – turn them over / read them / if you get them right you get to keep them – if you don’t, they go to your opponent.

Can you make a stormy picture or draw a cloud with the rain drops coming off it – the raindrops could have each of the or words on!

Here are the words for you: Or, sort, short, horse, sport, snort, fork, story, storm, morning.

Break Time

Share a story / listen to a story

Have another listen to the story Zog

Session 3

Zoom session  - Maths – Growing 6,7,8

Miss cooper talks about the number 6,7, and 8 today – I would like you to have a go at the memory game she mentions I have attached some PDF’s below for you to play one.  You could use the blank dominoes from yesterday, create your own cards on blank paper or find items around your house.

You could make your own 6,7,8 memory cards.

Here is a link to a memory game to play - I will show it to you on line in our session.

Session 4

Communication Language and Literacy

Zog – make sure you have had another watch or listen to Zog today – we are going to use it for our task today. 

Zog was always willing to have a go and try his best. 

Here are some of the things he tried:

He tried hard to fly – but he fell and hurt his head.

He tried hard to roar – he gave himself a sore throat.

He tried hard to breath fire  - he burnt his wing.

He tried hard to capture the princess – He succeeded!

Can you think of a way to show this information today  - what would it look like –

You could write it.

Draw it

Make it into your own Zog book.

I have added a colouring sheet for you from Zog - if you wanted to do that today!

Well Done for your great learning

Mrs H x