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27 January 2021


Today, we will not be doing any zooms and I have picked worksheets which you should be able to do independently.


Have a look at the maths sheets attached to practise your quick maths skills. You might want to work on just multiplication or division. It's up to you. Set yourself a set amount of time and see how many you can do!

 Multiplication Table/Grid Chart | Additional photo (inside page) |  Multiplication chart, Multiplication, How to memorize things


Have a go at the matching fronted adverbials sheet. Remember adverbs add detail to the beginning of a sentence explaining when/where/how. E.g. 'in the morning.' There is a PowerPoint if you need a recap. 

If you want to challenge yourself, you could write some of your owns sentences using fronted adverbials!

Complete 10 of your own sentences using fronted adverbials from the place,  manner and/or degree section… | Spelling homework, Teaching spelling,  Talk 4 writing


Why not spend your afternoon doing your topic homework? I have attached the document below in case you need it. 

Have a relaxing day! 


You could have a go at this art activity, where youdraw a portrait of yourself and then draw your inner self too. Look at the example under the template.