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26 January 2021


Today will be our last day dividing 2 digits by 1 digit!

My main tip is: 

Have a look at the PowerPoint and then have a go at the worksheet. 


Please have a go at dots and dashes of Unit 7 of your purple spelling book. Top tip: ‘ou’ is a dash, ‘s’ is a dot. You can check your answers below.


What does possessive mean?

Demanding attention/selfish.

Now when we use possessive like that it is an adjective. Today we are going to be talking about possession. But the noun possession.  Have a think about what that might mean over the next few minutes.

Here are some rules for singular possession:

·       The apostrophe goes before the ‘s’ of the person’s name who owns something in the sentence

·       An apostrophe is in the air 

·       You don’t need an apostrophe before any word ending in ‘s’

This is how you will achieve success:

So what do you think possession means? Something belongs to someone. 

The sentences we are looking at today are about singular possession. What do you think that means? Something belongs to 1 person.

For example: Miss Heffernan's pencil was broken. 

Task: choose which level sheet you would like to work on. One star is the easiest, three stars is the toughest.