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26 February 2021

Maths (Zoom at 9:30 am)

Even though we have spoken about fractions being less than a whole, there are times when a fraction can actually be bigger than a whole! Today we will be learning about this. 

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If you are unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic:

Then work through the PowerPoint below, before you try to complete the worksheet. 


Please join us in our Zoom session at 10:30 for us to test our Unit 8 spellings.


Today we will be completing our trek! Find out about the Summit here and then write your final paragraph. Don't forget to edit your work before submitting it on Google Classroom. 

The Summit
8850 m

•• It is absolutely terrifying and you climb and climb, awaiting the first ray of dawn. It's desperately cold. It's steep and at parts very icy.
••You kick your feet to beat the oncoming frostbite.
••But there is one more obstacle in your way. The Knife Ridge. The ridge towers almost freely over Nepal and Tibet, it's sharp and very steep.
••You step onto the ridge via a small, half open tunnel from South Summit. You climb with your crampons at a sharp, crooked angle towards the side of the ridge. Occasionally, the snow gives way and you slide down.
••Then you reach another white edge, but this time ' it doesn't continue. Behind it, there is instead a slope down. You are peeking down at the North side of Everest.
•You put your flag in the ground!
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Don’t forget to take some time out to get active.

You could have a go at some Winter Olympic activities here:

Here are some other options:

Dance based activities: 

Stay at home virtual challenge (please ensure you have got an adult’s permission before submitting your results):

Joe Wickes:

Cosmic yoga:



We are finishing off the week by thinking about our inner coach. This is when we talk to ourselves to make ourselves feel more positive. So for example, if you are about to take a test, you might say, 'Come on you can do this!' 

It can help move you away from negative thinking and into the green zone!

We do all have an inner critic too, who can put negative thoughts into our head, but today we want to focus on our inner coach.

Have a look at the attached sheet. Consider times when you need your inner coach to calm you down. E.g. if you get into an argument with your friend, if you don't understand your maths work, if you miss someone etc. 

Think about the strategies you might use to calm yourself down. E.g. take some deep breaths, have a drink of water, talk to someone, go for a walk. 

Then think about what your inner coach might say to you. Here are some ideas: 

Positive Self-Talk Quotes for Kids