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25th January - Monday

Good morning Reception 

Welcome to Monday - we have got lots of lovely new topic starting today  - I hope you have a good day and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom later.

Lets start the day by getting active!

There is a new challenge from Shoreham Academy this week. Check it out!

They have now designed some ‘home virtual games’ for you to try if you wish – follow the link below.

Stay @ Home Virtual Games — Shoreham Academy Primary Sport (


Daily activity – make sure you are active every day.

Cosmic Kids / Joe Wicks / or a family favourite

Session 1 - Handwriting

This is a web address to a link that we use in school.  The children are all at very different stages in their handwriting, letter formation and pencil grip.  This site takes you through the stages. Last term we looked at the straight lines. We are now on curves. It shows you a little clip first and then you get a chance to have a go.  If you could start each day with a little bit of handwriting – it will help with letter formation.

We are also going to work through a letter a day. Use your white board.

We are also going to go through the alphabet – to master a letter a day. Today’s letter is…

Monday- kkkk

Session 2

Zoom Session  - Communication Language  and Literacy

Communication and Language –

Listening and Attention

Today we are going to start our week with our story of the week – Zog by Julia Donaldson this is the youtube link or I will be reading it to the children in our session today.


 Break time - share a story

have another listen to Zog - or a favourite from the book box!


Session 3

Maths – Zoom Session 

Today we start  our new topic of ‘Growing 6,7,8’

This is the start of our new unit in maths today we are looking at numbers on from 5.  We are still applying the same patterns and processes that we did with 5 to the number 6,7,8. So today we are spotting number 6. 

A little game to play before you start – roll a dice  - can you spot the numbers. Do the children start to recognise the formation of the dots and can start to say them without counting them?

Miss Cooper has got some tasks for you  see below -Can you go and find 6 around the house or when you are out on your walk.

Link to Miss Coopers session:

Miss Cooper mentions Six Dinner Sid in her clip today – If you would like to have a listen to the story her is the link below.

I have added some extra number 6 resources below.  Number formation and value sheets for you. 

Here is the link for the story Six Dinner Sid.

The story ‘Six dinner Sid’ is a great way to spot number 6 – I have added the Youtube link below for you to listen to the story and enjoy.  Sid likes to go to 6 different houses for all of his comforts. 

If you would like to have a go at some ‘Arty Maths’ have a go at the task below.

Can you draw a street that Sid may live on – can you number all of the houses?

Can you create separate houses and them number them 1,2,3,4,5,6?

You could make them from Lego / cardboard boxes or draw them on paper.  Can you add some more houses – what happens now?

Do the children notice the numbers getting higher and higher?

Session 4 - Phonics

Today in phonics we are going to go through all of the set 2 sounds we have learnt to far – make it into a game -

Can you add the ‘ay, ee, igh and oo, ow, oo, oo, ar, oor, air words from the last 2 weeks to make the game more of a challenge?

try this phonics game.

This is the link for a phonics play game – give it a go. You can go up the levels if you are managing OK on stage 2 words.

Session 5: PSED - Personal Social and Emotional Development

This week we are going to think about our feelings – I am sure there are lots of different feelings being shared around your homes at the moment.  I have added a PDF for you to make a dice – it is in black and white – so your firs job is to print it out and colour it in.  If you are not able to print out you could make a spinner with some card and a pencil.

You need to draw a circle (draw around a plate / bowl ) to create your circle – cut it out and then draw lines to make 6 sections. (Like a pizza)

The six emotions are angry, disgusted, happy (just ok) sad, scared (spiky hair) and worried.

Task – once you have made your dice or your spinner: Roll the dice / spin the spinner to land on one of the emotions.  Can you talk about a time when you have felt like this - if not , can you think of a story when one of these feelings was acted upon. Here are some examples for you…

Little bear felt sad when he saw his chair was broken in the story of Goldilocks.

In the story of Supertato the carrot felt scared when he was stuck to the conveyor belt.

In the story of Supertato Evil Pea felt angry when he got trapped by Supertato.

In the story of the three little pigs, as well as being scared they would have been disgusted with the wolf for ruining their houses. Have you ever tasted anything disgusting – after our food tasting last week there were a couple of comments about the celery we tried!

In the story of Little red riding hood – I think she would have felt worried travelling through the woods.

In the story of Zog I think he would have felt happy turning up to school each day.

Another great day of learning Reception

Well Done

Mrs H x