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25 January 2021



Today, we are continuing our work on dividing 2 digits by 1. 

How many different ways can you think of which mean divide?

We will be moving on to division problems with remainders. 

Do you know what a remainder is? 

There are many ways we can do division problems which involve remainders. 

We can use place value counters: 


Have a look at the PowerPoint and then try the worksheet. 



We will watch the video for our new spelling unit in our English Zoom session. For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on the 'ous' sound. Once you have watched it, please have a go at Spelling Zone of Unit 7 in your purple books.


I know lots of us are interested in animals, so I have found a reading comprehension to inform us about humpback whales. Pick the level which suits you and then mark your answers at the end. 

Here are the questions we will think about when reading How to Train your Dragon:

1.What was the name of the rival Viking tribe?

2. What was the weather like?

3. Which competition did Gobber enter?

4. How do we know Stoick is proud of his son?

5. Do you think Toothless is a common garden dragon?