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23rd February Tuesday


This week’s text is:-

All about dinosaurs.

Today you can read the text and later in the week we will be working on questions about it.

Please read your own book for 15 minutes today. Don’t forget to record it in you reading journal



Zoom lesson  9.00 – 10.00

Today, we are:-

Learning the names of 2d shapes.

We are learning the names and using them to make a dinosaur. You can use the 'Dinosaur block pattern puzzles to make some' The pack is big, so look at what pages you want before you print, or you will use a lot of ink.


Then look at the 2d shapes for dinosaurs  sheet to count how many of each shape were used to make the dinosaur.


Zoom lesson 10.30 – 11.30

Today we are learning to:-

Spell ‘ey’ words.

You will need:-

Your spelling log book

Spelling Practice book 2B

We are going to watch the video to help us learn the rule. Then we are going to complete dots and dashes and word changers.



We are learning to:-

Make a 3d model of a dinosaur scene (diorama)

First you are going to look at the examples of a diorama. This just means a 3D model, and you need a shoe box to use as the background.

Then you can design what your model is going to look like.

Find the things you are going to use and start to make it. If you dont have dinosaur characters, you can use the 'dinosaur templates' sheet to make some.  You have two weeks to complete this task.