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23rd February - Tuesday

Good Morning Reception

I hope you have had a chance to look at the welcome to the half term page - we will be looking at Polar regions this week. Do you know anything about the Polar Regions? 

Welcome to today's learning  - I look forward to seeing you all later on zoom.

Before school

Physical development

PE session

Here is a link to a warm up game – It may be one to play with someone in your family.  Watch the clip and then have a go.  This is the warm up

Here  is the link to today’s demo video for session 1 on Gymnastic skills. Give it a go!



Session 1 - Handwriting


Daily handwriting – Have a look at zzzzzzz today: this is the last letter from our alphabet handwriting – and then you can try a little extra with our new focus for this half term. 

Handwriting task 2:

Now we have worked through our letters we are going to use them to create words beginning with aaa

Here are a few to start you off.

Apple, and, ant… can you think of some more?

Session 2  - Phonics / reading

Zoom Session

This term we are going to look at Poetry.  We are going to use poems in our reading, listening and writing. The development matters area of development is to:

In our Zoom session today I will read this poem with the children we will be looking at the story within the poem and the rhyming words.

The EYFS focus for poetry and rhyme is the following: Shows awareness of rhyme and alliteration. •Recognises rhythm in spoken words. • Listens to and joins in with stories and poems, one-to-one and also in small groups. • Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories.

This week we are going to have a look at poems and rhymes.  I have attached a poem for you to try today – I will read it to you in todays session.  I would like you to learn it so you can perform it.

I made myself a snowball
As perfect as can be.
I thought I'd keep it as a pet,
And let it sleep with me.
I made it some pyjamas
And a pillow for its head.
Then last night it ran away,
But first - it wet the bed.   


by Shel Silverstein

This poem has a rhyme that flows through the poem – we are going to be thinking about rhymes – when you have a collection of rhyming words together, we call it a rhyming string.  Can you create a rhyming string from some of the examples below?


Be, me, …

Head, bed…

Here are some more for you to think about today -  cat, mat, sat…

Dog, fog, bog…

Breaktime - have a snack, share a story, have a run around outside.

Session 3 - Maths 

Zoom session


Today we start a new topic 'Building 9 and 10.

As it was an inset day yesterday I will combine both Monday and Tuesday sessions together today (just incase you were wondering about the double resources below.)

Here is the link form White rose - just in case you need a recap after our session today.

To get started let us look at the 10 frame with some counters – as quick as you can how many counters can you see.

We are sorting number cards today in our session - trying to spot 9 and 10.

Now it is your turn – can you have a go at sorting the cards into a group that shows 9 and a group that shows 10.

You can use the cards from the resources or you could draw your own.

Session 4 - Communication Language and Literacy and RE


Our Communication Language and Literacy will be through our RE topic this week.  We are doing a short topic called ‘Gathering’ .We will be thinking about the community gathering at church each week.  The role of the priest in the church and Jesus welcomed the children to gather with him.  I hope to have a special guest ‘Father Graham,‘ to join us for our Zoom session on Friday.

Today we begin by making a connection with this theme and our everyday lives. _ We are going to ‘Explore the topic’.

Our key words are:




Let us begin by thinking about all of the things that we like doing - with others, on our own and maybe with only one or 2 others.  I know in these times it is different so I would like to take all the thoughts of the children - in lockdown time and in ‘normal time’.

What activities do you like doing with others – sports activities, playing games, sharing a meal, going to a party.

With 1 or two others – watching a film, playing on the swings, playing on the see-saw, sharing a story, having a cuddle., playing tennis, playing catch.

On your own: colouring, drawing, reading, writing, plying with toys.

Your task today - Can you draw one picture to go with each of the subheadings –

Things I like doing with others.

Things I like doing with just one (or 2) person.

Things I like doing on my own.

Can you write what it is that you are doing under each picture.

Session  5 - Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Throughout this topic we are going to explore environments in our world.  We are going to start with the Polar Regions and think about animals that live in the snow. In the north and the south pole

I have added some resources in the Polar Regions resources (in the tabs on the left) Including a fact sheet for your parents, so they can help you.

Your task for this afternoon will take you through the week – Each afternoon I would like you to find out some information that can be put together to create a fact page. I know you have enjoyed looking at information books in class – do you have any information books at home that you could use for ideas – I have attached a few links below to inspire you.

For your fact page you will need to include:

A picture of at least one animal – more if you can.

A fact per animal

A fact about the weather.

A fact about food

A fact about animal houses.

Today why don’t you start by looking at a collection of books that are fact books. Look at the format of the page.  How are they different from story books?

this is an information book on Diggers (there is a PDF saved below for you to look at from the book)

this book is called Plants for dinner.  It has a mixture of factual photographs and drawings of characters.  (there is a PDF saved below for you to look at from the book)

I have also added a page from an Information book about Penguins.

I look forward to hearing about your ideas. 

Well done for your great work today.

Have a lovely evening.

Mrs H x