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23 February 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you had a lovely break over half term! Here is the work for today:


Let's start off the week by considering how to be a team player. It is really good to know when to work as part of a team and when to lead. 

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Click through the PowerPoint below to find out the importance of being part of a team. Being part of a team can often make us feel happy and supported. 

Have a think about the 'teams' you belong to. We are a Year 4 team communicating through the Internet. You are a team player in your house. What other teams do you contribute to? How do they make you feel?


Today we are continuing to think about equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are fractions which are EQUAL to each other. 

Image result for equivalent fraction wall

If you were unable to join the zoom, click on this link to watch a video on this topic: and then work through the powerpoint below before you try to complete the worksheet. 

Here is a catchy song you may like:


Please have a go at 'Choose the right word' for Unit 8 in your purple spelling books.

English (Zoom at 10:30am)

This week we are going to go on a journey to the top of Mount Everest! 

We will be writing a diary entry when we have reached each landmark.

Recap what a diary entry needs here: 

Today you will be writing your first diary entries. One paragraph will be about Base camp. Your next will be about the Ice Fall.

First landmark:

Base Camp
5400 m / 17700 ft.

  •  Wash your clothes in frozen lakes
  • When you wash your hair it freezes
  • Your toothpaste freezes!
  • Your dinner is freezing
  • You are getting to know your sherpa
  • You listen to the frequent avalanches
  • Base Camp is a place of hope, fear, frustration, conflicts and life-long friendships.
  • Some climbers will experience their dream fulfilled, others will have to return home with an unfinished task.
  •  Image result for mount everest base camp

Second landmark: 


6100 m / 20000 ft.

  • •A crevasse might open under you.
  • An ice-pinnacle can fall on top of you.
  • The entire area can collapse. 
  • •Be sure to always clip in to the ropes. But also to unclip fast if an avalanche strikes. 
  • •Check the ropes and the screws before entering a ladder. Cross the ladders slowly and carefully. 
  • •Occasionally, you will encounter a large wall of ice. Climb the ropes by kicking your crampons into the ice and then lean on your legs. 
  • • Climbers usually head out at 4-5 AM. 
  • (Climb time: 5-8 hours)

Image result for everest ice fall

Use these facts and the PowerPoint to help you start off your diary entry. Make sure it is in past tense! 


Image result for mount everest

Around 3,000 people have successfully climbed Mount Everest but 210 people have died during or after climbing the mountain.

How would you feel if one of your relatives said they were going to climb mount Everest?

Watch the following videos:

Today, you are going to create a fact file about Mount Everest to inform everyone about all the facts and numbers. 

Here are some useful websites:

Try to fins out the following information: 

  • The height of Mount Everest
  • Its location – latitude and longitude
  • Climate
  • Who are the Sherpas?
  • Problems that can arise when climbing
  • Important achievements/people

Use the template below to collect your facts.