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22nd January - Friday

Good Morning Reception - Welcome to Friday!

Party day!

Lets start our day by getting active!

You may have a favourite from the week!

I thought you may like this one!!


Session 1 Physical Development - Daily handwriting –

Here is today's letter...  - jjjjj

Session 2 - Zoom Session Communication and Language

In our zoom session today - I would like to find out about your party- what have you got planned – it will hopefully be like a show and tell session from the children.

I would love to hear who you have invited.

I would love to about the food you are hoping to eat.

Do you have any decorations?

Do you have any games planned? Share a story - 


Break time - Another Supertato story for you today - Run Veggies Run!

Session 3 - Maths: Alive in 5 - I will see you on Zoom for this session

Shape space and measures.

Today we are looking at measuring ingredients.

This is our last session for this mini topic of ‘Alive in Five’

Today we are going to make playdough – we need to make sure we have the right ingredients.  I am aware that you may not have the ingredients at home.  You could make salt dough in the following way. The task is to measure and count the amount of ingredients - to be aware of 'how much / how many! Here are some more ways you can do that.

There is a PDF attached for Salt dough

There is a PDF attached for making playdough

There is a PDF attached for making a Pizza in a mug

There is a PDF attached for baking simple buscuits.


Session 4 +It is time to get ready for the party.

What is left to do?

It’s party time…

I hope you had a great party and have managed to do the clearing up!


Well Done Reception - I hope you have had a good day and that you have enjoyed your week?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love

Mrs H x