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2 February 2021



Today we will be counting squares to find the area of a shape.

When finding the area of a shape, you can count the squares. However, you can also use your times table knowledge. If you are finding the area of a rectangle, you can multiply the length by the width. 

Index of /teaching/g/area

E.g. here I could do7 x 4 = 28cm

This saves me a lot of time! 

Have a look at the PowerPoint and then complete the worksheet. 


Have a go on Nessy spellings. The link is below. If you need any extra support accessing this website, please let me know.


You are not going to believe these facts about deforestation!

Have a look at this news report.

Think about the following questions:

  • Look at this newspaper.
  • Why does it catch our attention?
  • What is the job of a newspaper article?
  • Who is it aimed at?
  • What do we need to include in a newspaper article to make it as good as this one?

Desirable Success Criteria:

·       Facts, not opinions – we do not read news stories which have opinions, news stories need to be factual. Do not use ‘I’.

·       Use of direct speech – from interviews or people commenting on the news story

·       Introduction paragraph – sets the scene of the news story

·       Adjectives – to describe details about the news story

·       Topic sentences – a sentence that tells the reader that that paragraph is about


Your job this week is to write an article informing people that if action is not taken, rainforests will no longer exist in 100 years!

-       What information will you use?

-       What facts can you magpie?

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out lots of staggering facts on the subject.

Task: Use the planning sheet below to write up your initial ideas for your newspaper report. What facts do you think will grab the reader’s attention? How could you rewrite them in your own words?



Over the next two days, you will be drawing a picture of the rainforest, inspired by Tarsila Do Amara. Try to remember some of the techniques you have practised at home. Top tips:

  • Choose a picture of the rainforest you would like to use (there are some attached below)
  • Sketch out the main shapes (make them curvy and round)
  • Make sure there is not too much detail 
  • Choose bright and vibrant colours
  • Try to create a graduation in your shapes (going from darker to lighter) 

I hope some of these pictures will inspire you: 

Postcard, 1928 - Tarsila do Amaral -    10 curiosidades sobre Tarsila do Amaral – Tarsila do Amaral   Distance by Tarsila Do Amaral | Art, Artist, Latin american