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1st March - Monday

Good morning Reception. Welcome to Monday. Spring is in the air. It is a new month, a new week and our last week of home learning (hopefully)  - there is much to be thankful for!

Lets start our day by getting active. here is this week's PE for you. I hope you enjoy the sessions - Dance this week!

PE session

Here is a link to a warmup game – It may be one to play with someone in your family.  Watch the clip and then have a go.  This is the warmup.

This week we are going to have a look at dance. Here is the video to get you going.

Don’t forget there is also Joe Wicks and Cosmic Kids to help you get active.

Session 1 - Handwriting

Now we have worked through our letters we are going to use them to create words beginning with eeee

Here are a few to start you off.

Egg, elephant, end… can you think of some more?

Session 2 - Personal Social and Emotional Development  - Zoom session 1


Our unit starts with a story today.

I will read the story in our Zoom session today.

The focus of today is – ‘Doing something we are proud of’.

Some of the key vocabulary we will look at today and throughout the unit are:

Comfortable feelings, uncomfortable feelings, calm, still, relax, relaxed, stand up for yourself ,sad, happy, excited, proud, angry and cross.

Here are some of the key elements from the story that you can discuss with your child after the session:

Mouse wants to be special like the other animals.

1. She sees Lion who is a great leader, Gazelle who can run fast and Monkey who can climb.

2. Mouse wishes she were special like them. Mouse hides away, feeling useless and unhappy.

3. The animals get caught by hunters. They call for help.

4. At first Mouse thinks she is too useless to help but frees the animals by chewing through the ropes.

5. When the other animals thank her and offer her anything she wants; she realises that they have already given her everything she wanted by helping her to understand that it really is good to be her.

Your task today: Can you think of all of the things that you have done that you are proud of: ‘Being a proud Mouse!’

I would like you to draw something that you are really proud of. (You could use the mouse outline I have attached below – or draw one of your own)

Break time

Session 3 - zoom session 2


Today’s focus is Counting back from 10 – 10 in a bed.

We are continuing with building 9 and 10.  

Here is the White Rose link  - just in case you need a recap from our Zoom session.


Let’s have a quick look at the number line today.  The numbers have got in a muddle can you sort them.

Today we are going to look at the 10 in a bed rhyme.

Can you sing the rhyme?

Your task today: – Can you sing a rhyme that goes back from 10 to 1.  You could use 10 in a bed – you could use your toys to recreate it. Can you write out the numbers to 10 and put them in order?

I have added some resources below for Ten in the Bed and Ten green bottles. 

Session 4

Phonics / reading

Tricky words – this week we are going to look at tricky words.  These are the words that are also known as ‘red words’ you cannot use your phonics knowledge to sound them out – you just have to learn them. Have a look at some of the tricky words resources - they have a separate tab on the left.  Can you spot some of those words in your story books today or your reading books?  Have a go at learning 1 new word a day.  Don’t forget to read today and have a look at the flash cards on Oxford Owl  - daily session.  See the link below.

Session 5 - Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Today we are going to start thinking about animals that live in the Jungle. 

I have added some information for you on the Jungle page - see separate tab on the left. I hope you enjoy finding out about animals that live in the jungle.  You may have some good books at home that you already own on the topic.

It is just a fact finding and information collection session today.

Well done for your hard work today - have a lovely evening.

Mrs H x