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19th- 23rd October

Please see below for information regarding Isolation work this week. 

Monday: whole class reading, we are starting to read the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe today, there is an activity which involves drawing the character described based on the information. Maths is looking at statistis- focusing on interpreting data and then this afternoon we were scheduled to have PE, the link is to GoNoodle.


Tuesday: There is a comprehension activity to do for English today, in Maths we are continuing to look at data and getting information from them, this afternoon we are looking at Remembrance Day and the Poppy to create a whole school display, have a look at this page on the website with the videos, then create your own piece of art work to commemorate this special day. 


Wednesday: Today we are having a SCIENCE day! We are focusing on a unit of work called Properties of materials. I have uploaded four parts of the lessons, if you can have a go at the experiments then please do, if not have a think/ research what would happen on the Internet. Part 1- Links to dissolving,  part 2- is all about reversible changes, part 3 is about irreversible changes and part 4 is about heating and cooling and burning.

Thursday: Today we are having a go at a SPAG mat in English, it is sheet four of the pack that I have uploaded, in Maths we are looking at line graphs, and in RE today, we are thinking about what the ingredients are that make a good friend. 


Friday: Today, there is a book review for you to write, as well as have a look at drawing line graphs in maths. This afternoon I have uploaded an activity linked to designing your dream remote control.