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15th July 2021

Welcome to your home learning for Thursday 15th July 2021!

Here you will find your tasks for the day. If you have any worries or concerns, you know where to find me.

Joke of the day:

Q: What do you call a bear with no ears?
A: B!

Fact of the day:

Goldfish don’t have stomachs.


Why not have a go at some SuperMovers, GoNoodle, Cosmic Yoga or Joe Wicks before starting your learning?

Just Dance 2 - Kung Fu Fighting - YouTube


Please make sure you are dedicating about 25 minutes per day to reading. Remember you can quiz at home too!


Have a go at one of the crosswords below to see how many Year 3 / 4 spellings you know. You might want to have a go at more than one! Here's a reminder of the possible answers:

Class 3 Spellings | Brown Clee CE Primary School


Today, we will be describing a movement on a grid. That means that the points have already moved, and we need to work out what instruction they were given. 

Your keywords are going to be: left, right, up, down. 

Each instruction should only have two elements: 

  • Up OR down
  • Left OR right

You need to find the simplest route possible. 

E.g. the blue square has moved 6 right and 5 down. 

What is translation of shapes? | TheSchoolRun

Make sure you count the squares carefully!

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Guided reading: 

Read along with the next chapter of Song of the Dolphin boy here:


Please find your work from yesterday. How many powerful adjectives did you manage to include?

I already know that you will have worked really hard on your work yesterday. Today we are going to be editing! This doesn't mean that your work wasn't incredible to begin with, it just means we are going to make it even better. Even the most famous authors have to edit!

You have a few jobs to do for me:

Your first job is to read your work out loud to yourself. 


  • Check all of your spellings 
  • Make sure you have punctuation (especially capital letters and full stops)
  • See if you can create shorter sentences
  • See if you can add additional information using commas
  • Can you add in 2 adverbs?
  • Can you add in a fronted adverbial?
  • Can you change any pronouns? (So you don't repeat he etc)
  • Can you change any sentence starters?
  • Can you up-level any boring words?
  • Can you add a conjunction?
  • Can you add three prepositions?
  • Can you use a question mark or an exclamation mark?
  • Can you break your work into paragraphs?
  • Have you got enough expanded noun phrases?
  • Does it make sense? Are there any missing words? Any repeated words?
You can also change the order of the sentence for impact and effect.
If you're really stuck, think about the 5W's.

By the end, you should have noticeable corrections on your page.

Have a look below for some ideas: 

Adverbs describe the verb. They normally end in 'ly.'

List of Adverbs: 300+ Adverb Examples from A-Z - ESL Forums | List of  adverbs, Adverbs, Adverb examples

Fronted adverbials are a collection of words at the start of a sentence which describe where/when/how/why. They need a comma. 

Alex Quigley on Twitter: "*NEW POST* 'Flipping Fronted Adverbials'… "

Conjunctions are joining words

Can I Start a Sentence with a Conjunction? | Grammar Girl

Prepositions show the position of something.

What is a Preposition? 40 Preposition List Preposition a word that shows  the relationship between a noun or… | What is a preposition, Preposition  list, Prepositions


Today, you are going to become a designer! 

There are lots of things which need to be considered before the Olympic games!

  • logo
  • Kit for athletes from each country 
  • medals 

Today, you are going to have a go at designing some of these things. If you get really into it, you might even want to have a go at the kit, logo and medals! Join us in our Zoom to talk through some ideas. 

Have a look at the logo's across the years: 

A look back at the emblems of the Olympic - Olympic News

The logo must contain:

  • a simple design
  • the Olympic rings
  • colour
  • location (Tokyo)
  • year (2021)

Have a look at Great Britain's kit: 

Team GB: Olympic Games kit unveiled - CBBC Newsround

Kits needs to be stylish and contain the National colours and symbols. Have a go at the sheet below. You might even want to design swimming costumes, hoodies, shorts, caps etc. 

Here are some medals: 

Remember, the medal must have the name of the host city on it, as well as the year. So your medal design must have ‘Tokyo’ and ‘2021’ on it.

We will share your designs tomorrow in our Zoom session!