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15th January 2021 Friday


Today please read your own book for 15 minutes. Send me a picture of your home journal so I can check what you have read this week.


Zoom lesson  9.00 – 10.00

Today, we are:-

Learning the 2 times table.

Watch the video after the zoom lesson if you need a bit more help.

Listen to the song again if it helps you.

Today you are going to make a set of 2 times tables to help you learn them. Cut out the times table cards and the answers.

Can you match them together?

Time yourself. Can you do it faster?

 Can you beat your time?

 Did you manage to do it in less than a minute? 30 seconds?

Literacy Fun Friday

Zoom lesson 10.30 – 11.30  wait and see...


Afternoon challenge

This afternoon, choose from one of these activities. You can do 1 or more.

  • Make a dragon story book
  • Build a cave for a dragon using lego/cardboard boxes
  • Make a dragon mask ( you could use a paper plate, or cut out a piece of card from a cereal box to use)
  • Write a menu for a dragon. What do you think it would eat? You must include a starter, main course and pudding.
  • Build a dragon out of boxes, toilet rolls, playdough, plasticine.

Don’t forget to send a photo!